Hello world!

The Not-So-Secret Thoughts From Aemmabella

Hello fellow bloggers and new comers and…well any other viewer out there! My name is Amber and this is actually my second time making a blog. My first one- I wasn’t really into it- sadly ended  soon after I made it and I think it’s still out there…somewhere.


This blog is, hopefully, going to be very different from your usually singular topic blogs and such. This blog-Oh! this blog is going to be a variety of everything I can set my mind to and voice my opinion or just benevolently review and spread the word about said topic. This blog will soon feature topics ranging from average reviews/opinions on movies, books, authors, music, and sometimes just random things suchlike how great this Snickers bar is or how important and sad and pretty darn inspiring the religous rebellion going on is.

I will also be posting short stories, poems, parts of an unfinished hobby-novel and such.

I really hope to become a fantastical author one day, so comments on those stories would be greatly appreciated. Very serious comments and helpful tips (if you’re up to it) would just rock my world! I would truly love that.

Also! it would be nice for the fellow bloggers out there reading this to let me know about any trending topic or events going that may be important or deserves more publicity and attention, I would be happy to help and support in any way I can.

Well! that is all for now! this was just a sneak peak at what’s to come in the very near future! Yay!

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