Our Loving Sorrows

My sorrows are as empty to you
As air is to water,
Our openness towards one another,
As sheer as naked glass.
We lament soundly over our failed loves,
Your love being more severe than mine,
Makes my own feel less relevant.
Open like an empty cave are my kind
Sorrows, yet so full to me as they squeeze
my chest- so painful, ’tis true.
My loving sorrows are empty- too empty to be heard,
They echo back at me like a cry into a cave
My cries into the cave- subservient to the squeeze my love had inflicted upon me- are
as real and just as your own, my selfish friend.
Just as loud as yours…
Just as harsh
Just as tight
Just as greedy as it keenly absorbs
What is left of me-what is left of my heart?
I know there is not much left our hearts, but the pain will pass,
And we both- though kindly conflicted- will bind
Our sorrows unto truths- lament together-
Our sorrows one, embraced tightly in our loving catastrophes.

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