Random Wednesday!

Random, is this post.
No, it will not be on a weekly basis… but then again, I do have midstream thoughts on sever occasions which do, in turn, result in either a poem or a short story’s synopsis.
Okay, it might be on a weekly basis.
I decided to post on this lovely night because I have realized I haven’t posted in a few days and I thought that was mighty rude of me… or a pretty darn good vacation for you guys… from me…
Please don’t be the latter!
I am still quite behind on WriMo, and I’m not exactly eager to share with you how far behind I have allowed myself to get. But I do have a goal and I REALLY want to accomplish it. It’s been awhile since I’ve accomplished anything, not since October. And I wouldn’t call a 580 on Literature an accomplishment, but who am I to argue with my mother?
Math had become as dismal as reading a bad poem and History- well, actually, History is going quite well.
I miss writing my book, though. I mean, seriously, I LOVE my plot and the story and EVERYTHING! It’s just the matter of finding time ( and the attention span) to sit and actually write the darned thing! I would love to get a copy of it and see it in printed form like a real book, and, of course, get the little certificate thingy. But the books is my real motivation.
Plus I want to share it on Booksie as my first finished novel.
Speaking of which.
Did you guys know I’ve been writing novellas this whole time?
I didn’t.
But I feel pretty darn proud of myself for that sudden accomplishment.
So here I am, posting random nonsense about my “life” because I decided I needed a break and thus pounced on my lappytop to find a way to torture you all with my post. *evil grin*
How’s WriMo going for you guys?
Is it fun yet?


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