My name is Amber and welcome to my WordPress blog!  I really hope you enjoy what you see and graciously comment on whatever seems to interest you. I would love it very much if you all shared trending topics or important events that you feel need more attention. I would be happy to support in any way I can.

I am 16 and a serious reader. I love books more than anything and book reviews may be some of the main things on my blog but I also love to write and will occasionally post a short story or poem or hobbynovel for you guys to, hopefully, enjoy.

I have a Goodreads account and I’ll throw the link in somewhere in a bit but to those who don’t know what Goodreads is; it is a website dedicated to book lovers and is basically a place where you can find millions of stories ranging from classics to brand new authors promoting with manuscripts. The site is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who loves to read and is running out of places to look for new authors and books or if you just want to find a nice little story to fill in your time just click on a genre and vuala! ( I probably spelled that wrong). Here is the link to Goodreads.com Have fun! http://www.goodreads.com/. if you want to “friend” my user is Amber Belleza.

I am also a member Of Booksie.com. Booksie is a fairly large writing community site dedicated to people who write for fun and want to share their stories/poems/articles/ etc with the world. Some aspiring authors (much like myself) go there for serious feedback on their style and plots and all around grammar and vocabulary advice. The site is occasionally visited by Publishing companies scouring the web for fresh writers.

By the way the site is completely free and  your work will have a copyright protection on it.  Hope to see you guys there! My user is Aemmabella if you care to fan me. The link should be on the side, if not, then here it is again! http://www.booksie.com/


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  1. First of all – delete the “amateurish please forgive me” thing. Your blog is one of the best I ever seen, thanks to your personal style, and your kindness. A blog is like an interview – you are “selling” your skill for us, the readers. Make us believe that you are good! Trust yourself, and go for it!!!
    I suggest your read my post about BookCrossing (find it in the categories). I think you´ll like it.
    I´ll have a deeper look into your blog now. Keep it up, it´s great!

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