Protest Wednesday: Anti-SOPA Anit-PIPA

When I read about what these bills and acts were planning on doing I completely lost something in myself. Probably my sanity. My passion leaked a bit from my chest at the idea of US letting THEM censor US like we are puppets in their little industry designed to kneel and nod at their beckon and call. Why would they do this? What do they expect to gain by censoring one of the MOST IMPORTANT amendments that was ever made?- so important, in fact, that it was made to be the 1st!

They claim that this is a way to “protect” copyright infringement… like hell they are. They are basically protecting the “Big names”  (i.e celebs, musicians, etc) and their precious hollywood industry. I wander, don’t some of the musicians post their music own music themselves on Youtube? ( i.e VevoBeyonce, VevoBieber, VevoUsher, VevoMichealJackson, etc) Are they censored too? Hmm, who knows.

Probably not.

I never believed in having to paying ludicrous prices to listen, or read, or watch its stillness with my head cocked to the side- someones hard work and art, I never believed in having to pay for this. You did not have to pay your muse to make you write it, you should be proud enough that people want to see what you have to say; listen to your poetry with the melody in the background; observe your painting in silence. Yes, yes I know if we didn’t fine everything with that dreadful price tag what would the artist get in return? A damn true to heart fan that’s what! An admire of their talent!

I actually like websites like Youtube and…well I’ve never heard of any other website other than Youtube that is run the way it’s run but you get what I’m saying- I like websites like Youtube because they encourage freedom of speech and creativity. They allow us to rightfully listen to music for free and yet they probably pay a price to allow us this luxury.

Some of you wander if the websites are using us to keep them alive and active: why would you ask this if you, yourself, use theses websites for your own voice?- for your own talents and observations, your opinions? I do not think we should have to spend half a decade in prison because we played Single Ladies in our background… I am fighting this and I hope you will too, even with that doubt in your heart. I will not see our first amendment twisted in to a scheme by the government.

Join the blackout Wednesday, January 18th. Or annoy the hell out of the House with hundreds of tweets consisting of your hatred toward the bills.


Haikus 01/10/12

Shoo my Star

And like a hot kiss

Ablaze in the nye demands

A wish from love’s eye

Dear Weed, Darling Seed

Dear darling weed must

Blossom like a seed- Oh dear

Rose must bloom for thee


Come hither and heed

These ghastly decrees such sweets

From me so vile t’see


Leave thee behind oh

Bloody man’s fear leave thee doubt

In the promised lands

Oh! -Winter’s Princess (a poem ) / pre-post

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since I posted so! – here is a poem and…. actually that’s it… yep. It might be a little “eh”, you know, because I haven’t written poetry since WriMo ( which I finished by the way WOOT!) so I can’t wait to start back up with my short stories/ novellas/ poems. 



Where the heart of Ice and souls are none

There was a Princess whose heart was numb,

For inside she was Cold by her nature’s Christ

She breathes only Snow and demands of Ice

Adorned with flakes and daring spikes.

She rules the world of Winter’s coven

For divine right’s blood adores her by the dozen.

Her beauty attracts the most handsome of suiters

Whome fall onto bended knees with kind purposals.

They catch her dark eye but she does not try

for the Royal seers see this in no future-

See Love in no soul – by the use of the Sun’s men at their lustfull disposal.

The Queen dares to call herself a Virgin -Oh!-

The lying heart is filled with woe!

Crying – oh, crying, the Princess weeps

Seeing her mother’s lust in heeps.


Oh, the Raven hair of the Royal dame

Cast into the air by a flowing breeze;

She stands tall by her silver Mare and his silver curling mane,

Chained by soft – blue diamond reigns,

Adorned in strapless chiffon and lace of pearly pristine

With Lilies of three and a dozen Oleander

Entangled in her dusky locks are

White as the Snow surrounding her -so incitingly desirable

As her curls twist in tumble by the blows of dusty furrows.

The Sky is bleak with foggy incentives

Leaving the Howls who sit in twos of silent festive

Toons as they perch a top the stone statures.


Oh! the dearest Princess gazes off into the Winter’s Wonderland,

She sighs and turns to see a small brush of Roses,

Untouched by Winter’s chilling zest

Frivolous Roses indeed, she thinks, touching a petal with the palm of her hand

So warm was this petal of bloody design -so beautiful was this petal- so soft and sublime.

If only her heart could hold such heat,

She would love with the hottest of passions and banish this Winter of its Icy Conquests.