Haikus 01/10/12

Shoo my Star

And like a hot kiss

Ablaze in the nye demands

A wish from love’s eye

Dear Weed, Darling Seed

Dear darling weed must

Blossom like a seed- Oh dear

Rose must bloom for thee


Come hither and heed

These ghastly decrees such sweets

From me so vile t’see


Leave thee behind oh

Bloody man’s fear leave thee doubt

In the promised lands


Haikus 10/05/2011

“Conceited Flower”

You dare poke your head

Above natures womb shouting to

The world your great bloom


“The Gift”

Your gifts been given

By greatness and may be used

By no other ‘sons


Angelic softness

A cure for heat I do see

Sweat need not be mine