Haikus 01/10/12

Shoo my Star

And like a hot kiss

Ablaze in the nye demands

A wish from love’s eye

Dear Weed, Darling Seed

Dear darling weed must

Blossom like a seed- Oh dear

Rose must bloom for thee


Come hither and heed

These ghastly decrees such sweets

From me so vile t’see


Leave thee behind oh

Bloody man’s fear leave thee doubt

In the promised lands


Just Her Eye

My eyes follow this superior broad

Wishing serenely for our gaze to align

So that she may see the want in my eye,

The Desire that so zealously awakened

To the start of her line.

The Lady proceeds, our gaze never to have been so kind,

Leaving me abandoned- alone with this failing image

She so unknowingly left before me.

Oh, Lady,

Don’t run, my Lady, don’t tempt me like a saintly Lucifer.

Divine’s tears fall in her hair- on her skin and cloth,

As other Ladies gleam and gawk, yet she knows not.

Her long legs-damning the walkways with leather soles, laces- and heels

Embracing those blessed fiends.

The Lady dares me,

Tempts me-when she stops!


Her lace, it has come undone.

Shocked is her eye, she stoops to tie,

Begging me-Daring me! To come and say “Hi”.

I start- slowly, gracefully,

As if I have not a care in the world,

I skip and strut towards this beauty,

Swinging my arms like a casual buffoon.



Yes!- then, the most abhorring of male voices

Calls out the most loveliest of names

To which the Lady then stands, forgetting her lace,

A smile that is sin

Directed at him!

His smile is such, he struts to touch-

They kiss…

I stare, my heart in my hand, they kiss…

The most opprobrious of kisses to be made in such a place.

Yet I ache…

Longingly for those lips to be on mine,

I turn away- walk away- as if!- I had not intended to claim such a lovely Dame.

Her image grasp my mind like a lover to theirs and I cannot help but wonder;

“Had the dazzling eye, of such a young beauty, caught mine?”

To Let Love Slip Through My Fingers (poem)

To let love slip through my fingers
I must be crazy.
I feel you there in the deeper
Parts of me,
Maybe a kiss will make you disappear,
Or my ill will to succeed will adhere
Dip through my fingers,
You have no business here.

To let love slip through my fingers
Is to let the love leave me be.
The caffeine to my insomnia
May be doused by the warm milk of sense,
But sense ain’t carved into my insignia.
Let it be, let me be.
I beg of you, leave me!