Is Writer’s Block real?- Can it be cured?

Oh yes the wonderful question we all would just love to know the answers too.
So firstly: What is writer’s block and how does it come about?
Okay so writer’s block is the blocking of imaginative creations… meaning you can’t of a damned thing to write.
As for how it comes about? Well let’s think.
Writer’s block can be pretty frustrating… probably a down right mood pisser.

The perfect example of a woman with writer’s block! (hintedy hint hint).
But in all seriousness it is a very upsetting position to be in. I mean if you are an author with a contract you have to worry about the deadlines and the story itself! Exhausting, no?
And on top of that if you are being rushed that doesn’t exactly help the writer write a GOOD story. It’s actually more likely to end up reading like a seven-year old wrote it. It happens to the best of us, don’t be ashamed.
There are actually several ways to make writer’s block a lot less frustrating.
For one: you could stop worrying. Though I do understand that if you are under a lot of pressure “Not worrying” will be a little tough and the last thing you would think about doing is mellowing out. Think about Mort Rainey (main character from Stephen King’s “Secret Window”). He had writer’s block and sat on his tush all day sleeping his life away ( not exactly the best way to deal with it) but then again in the end he ended up being crazy so I don’t think we want to use him…OKAY! Better example:. J.K Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, and possibly Fitzgerald.

J.K Rowling even announced that she suffered from writer’s block once ( which I find surprising honestly) and that was during “The Chamber Of Secrets” because she was worried about the hype over the first novel not being as great for the second. But ,she said, she had to get over and get the job done…And she did!- look at how popular she is now ( even though she ended that damn series! ( still mad about that *sad face*)).

But yes, one of the main things is calming down. Stress leads to more stress ( not to mention blemishes and weight gain) and that doesn’t help the circumstances your under with the deadlines and worries over popularity.

Secondly: Listen to music, any type of music. Try music without lyrics but with relaxing melodies. Music tells stories too.
You can also look at your surroundings or get out of the house- take a long walk into the woods or the city streets and just look at everything. Look at the passersby, make up little stories for them, describe them how you would describe your own made up character(s) in your book. Work your brain. Give it something to do besides stress.
You can draw ( I know it’s a bit childish if you don’t consider yourself an artist), draw some mystical creatures that you think would make a fantastic addition to another story if not the one you are trying to write now.

There are several things one could do to cope with writers block ( if not make it completely go away) and the main thing is to just  calm down! ( but not lazy around on your backside like Mr. Rainey) .

We must not ever forget this other little teeny tiny tidbit…. Write!

Write little synopsis for short stories, poems, articles! They don’t have to be published! They could be just for your and your own entertainment. But you have and must- as a rule- write! No exceptions. Even if it’s just plain terrible, the point is that you’re writing.

In conclusion, writer’s block is only real if you let be real. Honestly, ( and this is my own opinion about writer’s block) I would say it is a myth because saying writer’s block is real is like saying your imagination has an ending or it’s limited.The imagination is endLESS- a bottomless pit of wonder and worlds just waiting to be created.

If anything instead of calling it “writer’s block” we should call it “writer’s overload” because, if anything, there are too many ideas in your head and you just can’t separate them.
Which, I will admit, is a lot harder to deal with than writer’s block.
So when in doubt give yourself some time for calm and relaxation:

  • Listen to some music.
  • Go for walks.
  • Observe.
  • Describe.
  • Narrate the lives of passersby just for the hell of it!
  • Write!

These suggestions may work and they may not. They are just things that help me and I’m sharing them with you guys to try and help.
Thanks for reading!
Have a great day and don’t give up on your writing, ever!