The Bliss of Love’s Desires (Poem)

The hot bliss of desires retreat

In a whole so deep you forget its elite

Never to be entered by the ones so weak

They are chased away to land so bleak

Aloud only to breathe in its own reek.

The stench of bliss growing solemn

If not so fake it chokes your mate

Leaving you alone an utter blank

To wallow alone in your desperate Hell

Along with the ones naïve enough to dwell.


The hot bliss of desires retreat!

There are none that wish for such heinous treats.

Though it be more trickery than treat you meet

Its loving betrayal is but all so desired

By souls so weak it’s no wonder she is so admired.

The single touch of a lover’s hand run up the spine

And down the leg leaving the faint tingle of a love tine

Sending sweet shivers down the line

Impriting with the lovers vine.

You’ve taken sip of this wonderous wine.


The hot bliss of desires rest

Beneath the sheets of love,

Kissing the tellers, unmuting their tongues

No longer disturbing the unkind dove.

Bequeathing the burning aches she confessed

Leaving the fire to burn in its nest

Out it goes in Hell’s ancient cone

To remind the demons of what love had once shone.