Random Wednesday!

Random, is this post.
No, it will not be on a weekly basis… but then again, I do have midstream thoughts on sever occasions which do, in turn, result in either a poem or a short story’s synopsis.
Okay, it might be on a weekly basis.
I decided to post on this lovely night because I have realized I haven’t posted in a few days and I thought that was mighty rude of me… or a pretty darn good vacation for you guys… from me…
Please don’t be the latter!
I am still quite behind on WriMo, and I’m not exactly eager to share with you how far behind I have allowed myself to get. But I do have a goal and I REALLY want to accomplish it. It’s been awhile since I’ve accomplished anything, not since October. And I wouldn’t call a 580 on Literature an accomplishment, but who am I to argue with my mother?
Math had become as dismal as reading a bad poem and History- well, actually, History is going quite well.
I miss writing my book, though. I mean, seriously, I LOVE my plot and the story and EVERYTHING! It’s just the matter of finding time ( and the attention span) to sit and actually write the darned thing! I would love to get a copy of it and see it in printed form like a real book, and, of course, get the little certificate thingy. But the books is my real motivation.
Plus I want to share it on Booksie as my first finished novel.
Speaking of which.
Did you guys know I’ve been writing novellas this whole time?
I didn’t.
But I feel pretty darn proud of myself for that sudden accomplishment.
So here I am, posting random nonsense about my “life” because I decided I needed a break and thus pounced on my lappytop to find a way to torture you all with my post. *evil grin*
How’s WriMo going for you guys?
Is it fun yet?


NaNoWriMo: Double Dare!

He, NaNoWriMos! Just- and by ‘just’ I mean two days ago- reached over 9,188 words and felt pretty darn good about it. So I had to stop for a bit because of school and stuff (and I took a nap …which threw off my plans) so I didn’t get a chance to get back on it to get to the 15,000 words like I wanted to. *sad face*
But I can do that later since, because of said nap, I was able to arise at the glorious hour of 4:30 in the morning. So I’m doing my school work, which I can appropriately estimate as my finish time ( if I don’t get distracted) at around 9 or 10 ( give or take distractions).
So I was “taking a break”( DISTRACTION!!) to see what was going on on WriMo and to check out how much writing I’m going to have to conjure and what do ya know? I see dares *evil grin*
Did any of you watch that little video? You know, where this lady tells you a bunch of dares?
Yeah that!
I have decided to do them all!
And by “all” I mean three….
Don’t judge me!
I’m doing Tom Selleck’s mustache, 3 am wake up, and the Spy pov thingy ( or at least that’s how I’m doing it)
So! which dares are you guys doing?
Wanna dare each other 😉 *evil grin*
I promise I won’t give you anything (two or three) too crazy.
Scouts honor! ( was never a girlscout… or boy… scout)
How’s your word count? Are you stuck?
*sad face*
If you are, there are forums with awesome inspirational ideas!
Just, please, no plagiarism.
There was even this funny forum about “Cliches”.
Yes! I’ll admit, I’m using one ( or two… or five) cliches. But! my characters are aware of it. So… That’s okay.. Right?!?!
Anyway! check out the forums for inspiration if you get stuck and one of the BEST ideas I have ever heard is….. *Drumroll*
Throw something random and just crazy in your story just to, you know, make it interesting. Because, and believe me, if you’re falling asleep on your own story because it’s THAT boring ( which I’m sure is what happened with Margret Mitchell when she wrote Gone with the Wind) you might want to spice it up a bit with some oddity 🙂

NaNoWriMo+ Sick= Appropriately Pissed off Teenager

I have just recently come down with something (flu?- cold?) I’m not sure what it is only that is inflicting me with an itchy throat, runny nose, loads of coughing, and making sleepy (though that could be the Benadryl). I haven’t typed a word since- *looks at papers*- since I don’t know!
I’m so behind it’s ridiculous!
But!- there is a little bit of good news.
I’m doing quite well on my subject test practice test so yaaay!
Okay fine no cheer- but I’m super happy!
I mean I NEVER had a history lesson and I’m doing pretty well.
I think that deserves some well time!
I hate being sick.
But I am feeling a little bit better and my mind has decided to make itself available again.
So I’m adding to my story as much as I can before I fall asleep ( again) or until I just can’t think of anything else.
Wish me luck!
Or, you know, list a few drugs that could possibly knock this sucker out of me.